About Us 

Smoke & Hammer is an artisanal smoke and dab tool company based in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, making quality goods for the discerning customer since 2016. 

All goods are crafted from start to finish, from raw metal to functional art, by yours truly. I've been an avid maker and artisan since childhood, but I've been serious about creative metalworking for 8 years and counting. I'm a professionally-trained blacksmith and silversmith, and have eagerly self-taught myself everything else I need to do quality work. 

Nothing connects the past to the present like a 'dead' craft brought back to life and made useful again. I like to think that taking those ancient skills I've learned,  passed down from master to apprentice in an unbroken chain since time immemorial, and applying them to something useful and beautiful to people today is the best way I can pay homage to the craftspeople who came before me.

Don't think of my wares as simple tools, think of them as the latest step in an unbroken path older than history itself. Each is a small tribute to something greater than ourselves, and I invite you to share in this tribute with me.