The Marquis


Sometimes you want to make a statement. Sometimes you want to treat yourself. Sometimes you want to give a really special gift. And sometimes you just demand the very best. Never fear, The Marquis is here. 

Our most luxurious dab tool available, The Marquis features two oversized tools, generous size, and elaborate ornamental forging- because you deserve no less. 


  • Our largest and most impressive dab tool on offer

  • Double oversized tools- a double-bevel chisel at one end, a large pin on the other

  • Elaborate decorative twists- each is unique to that specific dab tool 

  • Beautiful flame-anodization colours are from the forging process- no two are the same 

  • Length: ~ 7"

  • Hand-forged in Toronto from high-quality CP2 titanium sourced from North American rolling mills