The Lancer


When it comes to handling concentrates, there is no one-size-fits-all perfect tool- so why settle for just one? 
The Lancer, simultaneously elegant and all-business, offers you two different tool ends in one dab tool to help handle a wide range of concentrates. The clean lines and straightforward design highlight the hand-forged flat twist at the midpoint, a traditional element from the ornamental blacksmith's repertoire. 


  • Double tool ends- a wide chisel at one end, a tapered pick at the other 

  • Longer design sits comfortably in the hand 

  • Ornamental twist is both attractive and adds grip to the tool handle 

  • Beautiful flame-anodization colours from the hand-forging process- no two are the same 

  • Length: ~ 6"

  • Hand-forged in Toronto from high-quality CP2 titanium sourced from North American rolling mills