The Steadfast


If such a thing as a "workhorse" among luxury smoke tools can exist, The Steadfast is our finest example. Wrought from tough jeweller's brass, this smoke tool combines elegant, simple lines with practical and utilitarian design. 

The scrolled jaws- a blacksmith's finial the artist once applied to fireplace tongs- can hold a wide range of joint styles, and the clever sliding collar allows the clamping force to be carefully adjusted to hold without crushing. The hoop end acts as a handle, a spring and a rest for sitting the clip down without rolling- all in one. 

The Steadfast will never let you down- give it a try. 


  • Jeweller's brass offers the look of gold without the cost

  • Elegant scroll-tip jaws securely hold a wide range of joints and similar smokeables 

  • Sliding bead collar allows adjustable holding force- no more crushed filters!

  • Easily worn as beautiful- and useful- necklace pendant

  • Length- ~3"

  • Handcrafted in Toronto from sustainably-sourced, lead-free silver alloys