The Sterling Royale


The Sterling Royale is a showstopper. There's no other word for it. Crafted from solid sterling silver, the Royale is an heirloom-quality piece that has no parallel. Every inch of this carefully-crafted piece of art is decorated in a subtle filigree design that has more in common with high-end jewellery than with typical paraphernalia. Bigger and much heftier than our non-Sterling smoke tools, the Royale even feels nicer. 

We haven't skimped on functionality to bring you something this gorgeous, of course. The Sterling Royale is crafted with all the quality we can deliver- because everybody wants to feel like royalty once in a while. 


  • Gorgeous solid sterling silver construction puts the Royale a cut above its brethren

  • Silver is hypoallergenic and self-sterilizing- less risk of germs being shared

  • Elegant scroll-tip jaws securely hold a wide range of joints and similar smokeables 

  • Sliding bead collar allows adjustable holding force- no more crushed filters!

  • Easily worn as beautiful- and useful- necklace pendant

  • Length- ~3.5"

  • Handcrafted in Toronto from sustainably-sourced, lead-free silver alloys