A classier, easier smoke is at hand.

Wrought from tough, dependable brass and featuring a sturdy, time-tested design, the Steadfast is the workhorse of the group. 

An epicure wants only the finest things in life. The Epicure, featuring a silver-fill body and solid sterling silver collar, delivers just that. 

This solid sterling silver piece, embellished with a fine filigree design, is an absolute showstopper. The Royale is quite simply without compare. 

The Imperial, substantial and elegant all at once, demands to be noticed. Made entirely of sterling silver with bold rope-twist highlights, the Imperial is fit for a king.

Artisanal elegance for any occasion 

Smokers have been making do for too long. 

Whether it's the alligator clip- rusty, wobbly, and made with mystery materials- or the bit of salvaged wire or worse, when you want a roach clip, you generally have to improvise. 

No longer. Smoke & Hammer's line of smoke tools are designed to work well and look beautiful. Each is made from quality metal stock sourced from North American rolling mills so you know what you're smoking off of. 

Even the humblest smoke off one of my tools makes you feel a little special, a little pampered- and no more burned fingers is a nice plus, too. I invite you to give one a try- you won't be disappointed.