The Epicure


There are few things in life more deliciously-decadent than smoking off silver. Decadence, however, usually carries an equally-decadent price-point. not so with The Epicure. Featuring the Steadfast's simple and straightforward design and using silver-filled wire in its construction, along with our sliding collar design that makes gripping any joint securely easy, The Epicure delivers luxury and affordability all in one. 


  • Elegant scroll-tip jaws securely hold a wide range of joints and similar smokeables 

  • Sliding bead collar allows adjustable holding force- no more crushed filters!

  • Silver-fill wire and solid sterling bead offers the class of silver at a fraction of the cost 

  • Silver is hypoallergenic and self-sterilizing- less risk of germs being shared 

  • Easily worn as beautiful- and useful- necklace pendant

  • Length- ~3"

  • Handcrafted in Toronto from sustainably-sourced, lead-free silver alloys