The Traveller


They say size matters. But they didn't say how exactly it matters, and bigger most certainly isn't always better. Enter The Traveller. 

The smallest entry in our dab tool line, The Traveller is made to the same exacting standards as our larger offerings.  Lightweight and compact, The Traveller is nonetheless remarkably strong thanks to a special manufacturing step applied to our smallest tools. Make it a part of your travel kit, or use it as an accessory for cleaning and maintaining your larger dab tools.


  • Shepherd's crook end provides a handle, prevents rolling on flat surfaces and allows  tool to be attached to keychain or loop 

  • Extra-fine double-bevel chisel tip gives extra-fine control over concentrates

  • Ideal accessory for removing/handling concentrates on other dab tools

  • Tool is work-hardened via cold-forging to maximize strength and toughness 

  • Length: ~ 2.5"

  • Hand-forged in Toronto from high-quality CP2 titanium sourced from North American rolling mills